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The Erik Farseth Zine Collection at the University of Iowa Libraries


Motorik Arts is proud to announce that the University of Iowa Libraries has acquired a collection of 1,052 zines that were donated by Erik Farseth in 2014.

The Erik Farseth Zine Collection features small press publications from 20 countries, spanning the years 1970-2013.

Farseth spent over 25 years assembling this collection of zines, mini-comics, and underground newspapers, including: Alphabet Threat, Art Police, Badazz Mofo, Ben is Dead, Caught In Flux, Chainsaw, Doris, Flatter, Girl Germs, Gogglebox, HeartattaCk, Hex, King Cat Comics & Stories, Losing Faith, Maximum RocknRoll, McJob, Mud Flap, Multiball, Outpunk, Panopticon Journal, Plotz, Profane Existence, Punk Planet, Roctober, Rollerderby, Sad Magazine, Second Guess, Temp Slave, Thrift Score, Twentybus, Underdog Zine, Wind Chill Factor, Womyn Who Masturbate, World War 3 Illustrated, and other titles.

Donut Frenzy

The Erik Farseth Zine Collection is available to researchers through the Special Collections Department at the University of Iowa Libraries.

“Special Collections at the University of Iowa is making a concerted effort to collect zines in all formats in order to preserve these materials and make them accessible to wider popular and research audiences.”