New Antiquarians

Pictured: Oil painting by Eric Lee, sculpture by Carey Netherton, and hand-tinted photos by Talissa Mehringer on display during “New Antiquarians” at SSCA Gallery


A mixed-media exhibition featuring works by 14 artists

This exhibit ran from July 31 – August 29, 2010 at SSCA Gallery

Is this the Future that Never Was?
–or an Alternate History of the Industrial Age?

A “Wonder Room” (or Cabinet of Curiosities) featuring retro-futurist paintings; alien landscapes; “steampunk” sculptures; a memory quilt and miniature catacombs made from cast-off, salvaged, and recycled materials that have been put to new uses and transformed into achingly familiar ghosts of the past.

Postcard from “The New Antiquarians” – artwork by Shuji Usui


“WHAT IS STEAMPUNK, you might be asking yourself. Is it a celebration of imperfection in an imperfect world? Is it reclaiming of lost physicality in an increasingly digital age? Or an amalgam of past and present filtered through a future that can never be…?”

– Kyshah Hell, “Clockwork and Carbon,” Morbid Outlook

Curated by: Erik Farseth

Pictured: Sculpture by Denise Rouleau and Mark D. Roberts on display during “New Antiquarians” at SSCA Gallery


  • City Pages “A-List” preview by Coco Mault

“The futuristic vision of spaceships and alien landscapes is now associated less with the future and more with amusing theories from the past. This irony is the focus of The New Antiquarians, the new art exhibit that opened at the Stevens Square Center for the Arts this weekend. A “Wonder Room” will feature retro-futurist pieces by 14 artists who use mixed media to explore the contrasts and similarities between the future that never was and the industrial age which we live in.”

– Alisa Koyrakh, Twin Cities Metro Magazine