Press Gang: Eight Local Printmakers

Press gang postcard, featuring artwork by Joanne Price

Press Gang: Eight Local Printmakers (2009)

This exhibition ran from May 2 – May 24, 2009 at SSCA Gallery


The printmaker’s art has always flourished during times of tremendous social change. Prints and posters were one of the earliest forms of mass communication, and their ability to convey an instant message has lost none of its power to affect our emotions –even in the midst of the digital age. The enduring popularity of hand-printed flyers and letterpress cards is a testament to the genius of this “old technology.” Like the “Great Wave” of Hokusai (a Japanese woodcut that remains popular after nearly two centuries), the energy and immediacy of these fragile works on paper seems to capture the spirit of their age.

Printmaking has always been a democratic medium. From its roots in the European Renaissance and the “Floating World” of feudal Japan, to the “Obama” posters of Shepard Fairey, printmaking helped bring fine art to the masses –most of whom could not afford to own an original painting.

The eight individuals in “Press Gang” have been exploring the art of printmaking for decades, both as professional artists, and as printmaking instructors. Their styles are as radically different from one another as is their subject matter. Yet one thing that all of them have in common is a strong graphic sensibility. From the hard-edged typographical art of Chris Forsythe, to the soft lines and lush textures of Faye Passow’s lithographs, the pictures in “Press Gang” seem to leap right off the wall.

“Press Gang” featured work by the following artists:

  • Anna Tsantir
  • Chris Forsythe
  • Faye Passow
  • Jan Shoger
  • Joanne Price
  • Jodi Reeb-Myers
  • Karl Nelson
  • Mary Leikvold

Curated by: Erik Farseth

Community Forum SSCA 100_1150
Pictured: Artwork from ‘Press Gang’ at SSCA Gallery (various artists)


  • Arts Preview in Vita.MN
  • “Prints in All Varities by Dylan Thomas, The Southwest Journal
  • Review and photograph in Minnesota Women’s Press (print edition only)