Printmaking Process: Relief Printing 101

Printing on an etching press

 Relief Printing: Making a Linocut

STEP 1: Images are drawn directly onto the linoleum block with a pencil.


STEP 2: A chisel (or linocutter) is used to carve away all of the negative space, removing most of the surface of the linoleum.

Whatever is left behind will form the lines of the picture.

STEP 3: Ink is applied to the surface of the block with a rubber roller (or brayer).

  • The ink sticks to the raised surface of the linoleum.


STEP 4: When the block is run through a press, the ink is transferred to a sheet of paper.

This is a relief print.


It takes several days for the ink to dry on the drying rack.


STEP 5: When the ink is dry, the finished prints are ready to be framed.