Photos from the Unicorn Art Show 2

Opening night reception: photograph by Casey Jarrin

The Unicorn Art Show 2

This event took place on Thursday, April 7, 2016 

Leg Up Studio – Casket Arts Building, 681 17th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN
Curated by: Danielle Marie Pebbles and John Manitou
“The Last Unicorn,” Linocut by Erik Farseth (2016)

“Once upon a time, there was a magical night when all the princes and princesses of the Twin Cities gathered round to gaze upon the majestic beauty of the Unicorn. Long have been the years since this legendary eve, but the time of the Unicorn has come once again! Over 50 artists have come together in a group exhibition comprising various mediums and expressions in honor of the Great Horned One. If you missed the original Unicorn Art Show due to dragon slaying, troll kidnapping, or snow demons, have no fear! This is your fabled second chance.

“The spirit of the Unicorn has drawn together another group of artists from the magical kingdom of the Twin Cities, who are joined in their tributes by artists and craftspeople from kingdoms far and wide throughout the country. Their magical beasts shall preside over another night of fantastical art, aerial acts, and a live performance from Late Century. This joyous occasion is sponsored by NEMAA and the Casket Arts Building’s First Thursdays and hosted by Leg-Up Studios.”



Featuring artwork by:

Ashley Dahl
Sara Witty
Jacob Eidem
Bonnie Eenigenburg
Caitlin Rose
Brett Early
Kav Van der Linden
Niamh O’Connor
Meg Rheault
Joe Rheault
Emily Brown
Kat Richards
Angel Hawari
Rob McBroom
Tracy Platt
Peter O’Connor
Holly Bruce
Andi Helebrant
Brian Randal
Bryan Lewis aka. Pancakes Mcgrubbins
Rachelle Traut
Kao Lee Thao
Sara Syverhus
Bambi Wendt
Heather Hanson
Jeff Edwards
Roman Mars
Royce Mars
Timothy Sandefer
Kenny Christopher
Josh Seevers
Christine Mitzuk
Nate Vincent Szklarski
Peter Quamme
Sarah Tidwell
Erik Farseth
Joshua Nelson
Danielle Pebbles
Sarah Hill
Valerie Woelfel
Ugaso Sheik-Abdi
Gabby Maravelas
Sara Colene
Mike McDonough
Mariel Boeyink
Lela Horst Baumann
Katie Kroeck
Nichelle Gabbard
Mo Richard
Erik Lervold
Cynnthia Anne Michaels
Genevieve Hess
Jordan Beth Hoisington
Renee Chartier
Kyle George Berg